Questions? Read on for our most commonly asked questions on buying tickets and what you need to know on the day of your experience below. Not what you're looking for? Send an email to and we'll do our best to help.


Before you play | On the day

The low down: how does the game work?

Sherlock: The Official Live Game is an immersive experience like no other. Arrive precisely at your given time slot and journey through environments inspired by the hit show and designed especially for the escape room format.


The experience lasts 100 minutes - and we can book teams of 4 to 6 people across 3-5 rooms simultaneously. So, what are you waiting for? Assemble your dream team and go on an adventure you won't forget.

Who is it for?

Anybody (over the age of ten) can play – families, friends and fans alike, although young people under the age of 18 will need to be accompanied by an adult. Please note, this means babies in prams or slings are not allowed. 


You do not have to have watched the original Sherlock TV series to come and have an amazing time!

Can I book for larger groups?

Looking to make a booking for 20 or more people? Please see our large bookings page here and send an email to for more information on our bespoke group packages.

Can I book for less than four people?

Sherlock: The Official Live Game is an immersive experience for 4-6 players. If you wish to play the game exclusively you have to book for at least 4 players. However, if you have less than four people you can still purchase tickets but please note that you may be grouped up with other players.

Players looking to meet other people to form a team with should join our Facebook group Sherlock: The Game Is Now - Find a Team.

What is a Public Booking?

Sherlock: The Official Live Game is an immersive escape game for teams of 4 to 6 people.


Public Bookings allow you to purchase tickets for individuals or smaller groups of two or three people and team up with other individuals or small groups to form a full team in our public bookings.


This is great if your team is made up of less than 4 people and you are happy to play Sherlock: The Official Live Game with other people.


Players looking to meet other people to form a team with should join our private Facebook group Sherlock: The Game Is Now - Find a Team.

Can I add extra players at a later date?

Yes you can. Simply email and our customer service team will send you a payment link to book in your extra player. If your game is less than 24 hours away, then let our team know when you arrive and we can take the payment then.

How much is it?

Pricing starts at £28 for children and £32 for adults at off-peak times - all day Tuesdays to Thursdays, Friday until 6pm - and £30 for children and £39.99 for adults at peak times - Friday after 6pm and all day Saturday and Sunday.


Concession rates at £30 per person and are available for;
- Students
- Seniors (60+)

- Children (10-17 years old)

- Visitors with accessibility requirements
- Armed Forces

- Emergency Services
- NHS staff (see Vogo or NHS Discount Offers for a full list of NHS discounts)

Please bring a relevant ID.


For a full list of our booking options, check out our tickets page here.



Will I be playing with anyone else?

When you enter the venue you may well see and meet some people that you do not recognise, other members of the Network most likely. However once the game begins, your group will be going it alone on their adventure.


Note: If you have booked tickets for a Public Booking, you will form a team with the other people who have booked a public ticket. 

Is there an age limit?

Due to the complexity of the challenge, the game is open to children over the age of 10 with adult supervision and 18+ without supervision.


Players between the age of 10 and 18 will need an adult to sign a waiver on their behalf before playing the game.

Is the game accessible for everybody?

Sherlock: The Game is Now aims to be accessible to all, however due to the nature of the experience please call or email before you book to ensure we will be able to accommodate your specific requirements.

What safety precautions do you have in place?

The safety and security of our customers and staff is absolutely paramount and so we have done everything possible to ensure our venue meets all possible health and safety guidelines.


General venue - the venue is fitted according to all the latest building and fire safety regulations, using safe materials, and equipped with fire monitoring, alarm and emergency lighting system, and sprinkler system. All electrical equipment is tested and safe to use.


Fire monitoring and alarm system – the venue is fitted with heat and smoke detectors, alarm sounders and sprinklers in all areas, including all game rooms (and emergency call points spread across the venue according to regulations). The system is maintained regularly and tested weekly.


Emergency routes - all fire doors and routes, as well as portable fire extinguishers, are clearly signposted. In case of power failure, emergency lighting system will keep ambient lighting on across the venue, including all game rooms.


Staff training – our venue team is briefed on emergency procedures, and will assist customers in case of evacuation or other emergency.


If you have any concerns about any safety aspects of the experience, please don’t hesitate to email us at

Will I be actually “locked in” a room?

Doors will automatically shut behind you but if you need to exit for any reason, we will of course let you out. Our game rooms are equipped with automatic doors that lock while in game state but automatically open in case of an emergency and can be easily pushed open in case of major power failure.

Do I have to be able to speak English?

Sherlock: The Official Live Game requires a basic level of English comprehension, you do not need to be fluent, but you must be able to read and speak English to a good standard. If you have any questions then email 

I'm pregnant! Can I play?

Firstly, congratulations! Naturally, you play at your own risk, but there is nothing in the experience that should cause concern. Please keep in mind there are a number of instances where you will not have anywhere to sit down as well as some periods with low lighting, so please do tread carefully.


Any further questions or concerns please get in touch with us directly on

Drunk and disorderly policy

Due to the nature of Sherlock: The Official Live Game’s design and staffing, we are not able to facilitate intoxicated visitors. If you are visibly inebriated, you will be refused entry or your experience curtailed. In a similar fashion, if you are disruptive, unruly or present a threat to our environments or staff we will be forced to terminate your adventure. 

Can I get a refund?

Sherlock: The Official Live Game is a ticketed, live event. Once a booking is confirmed, refunds, cancellations and reschedules are not possible. In addition, latecomers will not get a refund or reschedule: much like a theatre show, the show continues with or without you.


When buying tickets you have the option to purchase ticket insurance for an additional cost in case you are unable to attend due to accidents, unexpected illnesses or specified unforeseen circumstances (please see the full list in the terms and conditions when purchasing). 

Where is it?

Our Network Headquarters can be found hidden in plain sight on the ground floor of the West 12 Shopping Centre in Shepherds Bush, W12 8PP. Join us at Doyle's Opticians where your training mission will begin. 


Any problems finding us on the day, please call 07701384464 for assistance. 


Network Headquarters, Sherlock The Game Is Now

What if I'm late?

Unfortunately, our timing is very precise. Just like a train or a plane, if you miss your timeslot, your experience proceeds without you - and you will not get a refund.

If you are running late, please give us a call on 0770 1384 464 to let us know.

What should I wear?

Dress comfortably as befitting an active investigator. Unfortunately, this means high heels are not permitted. For your own safety, please wear flat shoes or you won't be allowed to play.

Will there be somewhere to leave my belongings?

You will be able to safely leave coats and bags in locked trunks throughout the game. Unfortunately we do not have the facilities to secure large luggage or suitcases. For nearby storage options there is a cloakroom in the Westfield Shopping Centre across the road. Click here for more information.

Is there parking nearby?

There is 24-hour parking in the W12 Centre car park at a cost of £3 per hour or additional car parking at the Westfield Shopping Centre a short walk away. When buying a car park ticket please book for at least 2 hours to make sure it covers the duration of the experience.


There is also limited on-street parking nearby, please check signage to see restrictions.